Even a tiger can’t put out the flames.


The Fury

Smokey Mask

 Smokey Mask

Sea Turtle and Mermaid



The Blindfold Dance

Mixed Media

6″ x 9″

Those who don’t believe in magic

will never find it.

Roald Dahl

Blue Moon

Mixed Media

16″ x 20″

Created June 2013

To transmute negativity in our life we must look toward what is good in it.

If there is darkness in a room, we can turn on a light.


Riding the Jaguar

Mixed Media

14″ x 11″

Created August 2013

“The goal is to live with godlike composure on the full rush of energy, like Dionysus riding the leopard, without being torn to pieces.” Joseph Campbell


Before today, I had not known this story when I created this image. To me it is more evidence that the same myths, and archetypes live in our collective knowing.


Mixed Media

18″ x 24″

Created August 2012

The first thing you learn in life is you’re a fool. The last thing you learn in life is you’re the same fool.

Ray Bradbury